Cornwall Land of Beauty, Myth and Legend

This video narrated by Howard Curnow, Cornish Bard was a favourite of my late Granny. When she passed away I inherited her collection of holiday videos. I have looked on the internet and cannot find this to buy on DVD. I only upload videos at the time of upload that are not available today unless you buy it second hand on ebay. Part of my Granny’s collection are DVDs – as these are still available to buy I will not be uploading them.

Information from the VHS cover:
Cornwall was and remains, a land apart. Historically, it has its own kings, own parliament, own language, own culture even its own saints. Cornwall’s history spans the ages; indeed, its store of stone circles, iron age forts, standing stones and underground ‘fougous’ is the most comprehensive in Britain. Cornwall in every scene remains a land of beauty, myth and legend. Some of its traditions are clearly pagan in origin; yet it was from these distant shores that the flickering torch of Christianity was carried aboard in the Dark Ages. History and Legend, festival and myth are as much a foundation of Cornwall’s character as its inimitable harbour villages or desolate moors. Welcome to Cornwall of which seventy locations are reflected in this fine production.

This VHS has a few frames of a random programme – I don’t know how this happened. Either it was a mistake on my Granny’s part or a weird glitch on the original.


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